Cardiac Rehab

Western Australian
Cardiac Rehabilitation Services

Education and guidance for a healthier heart.

The cardiac rehabilitation and prevention program was established at Hollywood Private Hospital in 1999. The program offers a comprehensive range of services aimed at meeting the individual needs of people who have had or are at risk of a cardiac illness or event. The experienced and specialised team includes the Director (Clinical Physiologist), a Coronary Care Nurse Educator, Exercise Physiologist, Dietitian, Occupational Therapist, and Pharmacist.

The programs are designed to aid the recovery process, help patients understand the event or condition and its management, and guide the lifestyle and behaviours which assist prevention and/or recovery. By providing support, education and supervised and/or structured exercise, the program aims to improve physical wellbeing and fitness, improve confidence and encourage healthy aspects of life such as sensible eating, stress management, and emotional wellbeing.

The program can provide consultations for 1-on-1 assessment/ review and education, exercise advice and/or an 8-week supervised exercise program, and/or an 8-part education series covering all aspects of heart health. The programs are conducted at Hollywood Private Hospital and at a number of community sites including Craigie, Bayswater, Leeming and Nedlands.

Medicare, DVA and private health funds rebates can apply.
This service is accessible through our Nedlands (Hollywood Specialist Centre) location.