Now Delivering Cardiology Services Across the Kimberley Region

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

We, at Perth Cardiovascular Institute, are so proud to be working with WACHS-Kimberley with the intention to deliver outstanding cardiology services, and associated health outcomes, across the Kimberley region.

As a Group of 15 world class Cardiologists, with a strong public and private health presence, we’re focused on providing outstanding care with an ethical, thoughtful and sustainable approach at all time. Our doctors are leaders in sub-specialised cardiology fields such as Cardiac Imaging, Electrophysiology, Advanced Heart Failure, Structural Heart and Valvular Implantations, Angioplasty and other Interventional Procedures.

Ultimately, we believe that if the needs of your primary healthcare providers are taken care of to the best of our understanding and capacity, and the communication and information flow facilitates the best follow up care and decision making for patients, then we can help deliver optimal outcomes for the region.

Some ways we will do this:

  • Drs Jamie Rankin and Nik Stoyanov will alternate visits ensuring continuity of care and relationships. Jamie Rankin is the Head of Cardiology at Fiona Stanley Hospital and has a longstanding commitment to remote and Aboriginal health. They have a combination of subspecialties that include heart failure, arrhythmia and structural/valvular heart disease;
  • Strong connection with Perth public hospitals;
  • Our Cardiology Connect service is a 24/7 on-call support line, that allows doctors to speak directly with a consultant for advice or a second opinion regarding ECG’s;
  • Cardiac testing reports will be supplied electronically within two business days of the test being performed;
  • Telehealth shared care appointments will be made available for suitable patients, minimising waiting times across the service;
  • A dedicated resource will provide a central point of contact for all booking, referral and waitlist queries; and
  • We have a commitment to education and will work to help upskill Kimberley doctors and health workers in cardiology areas.

While new to the Kimberley region, and aware of the effort we need to make to ensure we understand the environment, we are ready to rise and meet the challenges associated with that. We are committed to minimising the differences between metropolitan and rural/regional/remote patients when it comes to receiving exceptional care and experience.