Friday, April 23, 2021

Cassie’s top 5 tips to reducing our impact on this beautiful planet we call home.

  1. Composting is one of the easiest ways to reduce your landfill waste.
  2. Not only does it reduce the amount in your red bin, but it’s like giving your garden a Berocca!
  3. Composting is easy, there’s lots of information out there but it’s pretty hard to go wrong.
  4. Low on space? There’s plenty of options, like Bokashi bins. These are benchtop mini-compost bins that take only a matter of days to break down organic waste.
  5. Worm farms are also slightly smaller and produce a fantastic tonic or “worm-wee” for your garden.
  6. Alternatively you can dig a hole in your garden and put all your food scraps in there until its full. Cover it over and dig another one!

2.Go naked!
  1. Not you, your bin!
  2. Now that all your organic waste is going into compost this is the perfect opportunity to remove bin liners from your bins.
  3. Bin liners add to greenhouse gases as it means that the waste inside takes even longer to break down, as the bag must breakdown first.
  4. If the idea freaks you out, you can always start by using old newspaper to line your bins instead.
  5. This will also make you think twice about what you put into your landfill bin, is there a better way to dispose of it?
  6. It also makes the bin a dry and smell-free place rather than a stinky wet one!
  7. Remember to NEVER use bin liners for your recycling, anything tied in a plastic bag in your recycling bin will go straight into landfill.

  1. Bring your own cup!
  2. This applies to cutlery and straws as well
  3. There’s plenty of cute BYO cutlery sets available
  4. If every one of us BYOC there would be approximately 1 billion less disposable coffee cups in Australia’s landfill each year. That’s nothing to sniff at!
  5. These cafes will also offer a discount on your coffee if you BYOC
    1. Medico’s (Hollywood Medical Centre) – 30c discount for staff
    2. Health Freak Café (Mount) – 10% discount and only a 3 minute walk from our rooms
    3. Staff coffee cart at Joondalup Health Campus – 50c discount
    4. Coffee Club (Murdoch Wexford Centre) – 50c discount
    5. Nexus (same block as our Mt Lawley rooms) 5% discount
  6. Not having one is no excuse now that we’ve all received our classy PCI cups!

4.Take Responsibility for your waste
  1. Instead of throwing just anything in the landfill bin think about if there is a better option for that item.
  2. Could someone else use it?
  3. Is it e-waste? (throwing e-waste into landfill will soon be illegal)
  4. Is there a recycling stream for that item? For example Redcycle for soft plastics
  5. The very best solution to our waste is to BUY LESS STUFF.
  6. Can you get bread/rice/pasta waste-free? YES. All you need to do is ask (Bakers Delight will use reusable bread bags) and look in the right places such as bulk food stores where you BYO containers e.g., The Wasteless Pantry

5.Reducing emissions
  1. There’s a number of ways to do this but the easiest is to consider how your get around.
  2. Transport is Australia’s third largest source of greenhouse gas emissions
  3. Cars are responsible for roughly half of Australia’s transport emissions
  4. Consider taking the train if you’re at the Mount (and go into the draw to win $100 on your SmartRider each month!)
  5. Emissions are also produced in the food we eat.
  6. Agriculture makes up 10% of Australia's total emissions and 70% of that methane comes from sheep and cows.
  7. Why is this concerning? Because methane is 28 times more powerful as a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide.