Recycling myths - Disposable coffee cups, recyclable or not?

Saturday, September 26, 2020
  • Disposable coffee cups can NOT be recycled
  • MOST paper water cups cannot be recycled
  • Standard paper cups are lined with plastic to make them waterproof
  • The BioPak cups that we use in reception have a plant-based lining and can only be recycled at our Mount rooms (City of Perth). At all other sites they must go into landfill.
  • Most lids CAN be recycled, just give them a rinse first!
  • The solution: BYO keep cup and water bottle!

Did you know that these cafés near our offices offer a discount when you BYO keep cup?

  • Medico’s (Hollywood Medical Centre) – 30c discount for staff
  • Health Freak Café (Mount) – 10% discount and only a 3-minute walk from our rooms
  • Staff coffee cart at Joondalup Health Campus – 50c discount
  • Coffee Club (Murdoch Wexford Centre) – 50c discount
  • Nexus (same block as our Mt Lawley rooms) 5% discount
  • Einstein’s (Hollywood Specialist Centre) – no discount but will make your coffee in a plain coffee mug if you forget your Keep cup

Get your caffeine fix AND save money!

Milk Cartons                                                                                                     

  • None of our previous long-life milk cartons could be recycled, as these are made from a mixed material “Tetra pack”.  
  • Liquid paperboard (1L cartons) and 2L milk bottles (HDPE2 plastic) can be recycled (remove lid, these can be collected and taken to Precious Plastics for recycling).
  • We have now phased out these Tetra packs, which have been replaced with recyclable alternatives. 

Other Items

  • Pen recycling box at the Mount
  • Planet Ark ink and toner recycling – take used cartridges back to the Mount for recycling
  • All damaged leads and electrical cables are taken to e-waste recycling facilities

Bedroll, Hand Towels & Pens      


  • As long as bed rolls are not soiled they can be recycled.
  • Pens can not go in normal recycling, however we do not have a pen graveyard at the Mount for special recycling.